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Professor Øyvind S. Bruland

Professor Øyvind S. Bruland


Alpharadin og prostatakreft med spredning til skjelett

Alpharadin and prostate cancer with skeletal metastases

Bone scintigPrimitive bone matrix (“target for Alpharadin”) produced and present throughout the entire metastasis – Spiral CT-image; A coronal section
The nature of sclerotic/osteoblastic bone metastases and the microdistribution of primitive bone matrix; i.e. the target for Radium-223 (Alpharadin), is a prerequisite for the therapeutic effect.

Click here to view three slides visualizing this dimension.

A mesh of new bone matrix entwined in between cords of tumor cells


Prostatakreft med spredning til skjelett

Radium-223 (Alpharadin) er i fase-3 klinisk utprøving hos pasienter med hormonresistent prostatakreft og symptomer fra spredning til skjelettet.

Her finner du, som pdf-dokument (klikk her), det foredraget jeg holdt under PROFO - Oslo & Akershus, "Prostatakreftforeningen", sitt årsmøte i Oslo 4/3-09.

For ytterligere informasjon om PROFO, se deres webside:

Algeta heter det norske firma som står bak utprøvingen, og på deres webside finnes det detaljert informasjon om denne fase-3 studien under menyknappen "Alsympca" i venstre kolonne.


Alpharadin and Skeletal Metastases - A Phase III Trial

A direct link to the ongoing phase III trial, that recently was activated in US centers, directs you to the NIH/NCI clinical trials web page - click here.

Review of the clinical development of Radium 223 - Alpharadin.

Chapter 10 in a recent textbook on targeted radionuclide tumour therapy by Springer Verlag, 2008.

Click here to open the chapter in PDF format.


Prostate cancer with skeletal metastases.

This presentation, made by Algeta ASA (see, presents important aspects on the efficacy and safety of Alpharadin.

Also it provides an introduction to put this novel bone-seeking targeted therapy based on alpha-paticle emitting Radium-223 in a comparative context; i.e. to the two other radiopharmaceuticels approved to releive pain and to the cytostatic drug Taxotere.

Click here for a pdf of the presentation

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