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Professor Øyvind S. Bruland

Professor Øyvind S. Bruland

Selected papers

Acta Orthop., 80 Suppl 334, 52-59 (2009)

Treatment of soft tissue sarcoma of the extremity and trunk wall The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group perspective


Click here to download a PDF version of the article


ANTICANCER RESEARCH 29: 4331-4336 (2009)

Establishment and Characterization of a Human Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) Xenograft in Athymic Nude Mice


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A review of Proton Therapy was recently published in the ESTRO-journal Radiotherapy and Oncology

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A recent paper in the scientific journal Nucelar Medicine and Biology (33; 271-279, 2006) reports the first experiences with a novel alpha-particle based anti CD-20 radioimmunoconjugate.

Radioimmunotherapy has proven clinically effective in patients with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Trials have so far been performed with beta-emitting isotopes. In contrast to ß-emitters, the shorter range and high linear energy transfer of alpha particles allow for more efficient and selective killing of individually targeted tumor cells. The alpha emitting radioimmunoconjugate 227Th-DOTA-p-benzyl-rituximab is a new potential anti-lymphoma agent that might overcome some of these difficulties is currently in the translational phase of testing. Therapeutic studies in tumor-bearing nude mice will be published soon. The aim is to start clinical Phase-I testing.

Clin Cancer Res 2005;11(12) June 15, 2005

First Clinical Experience with A-Emitting Radium-223 in the Treatment of Skeletal Metastases


Clin Cancer Res 2005;11 (13) July 1, 2005

Hematogenous Micrometastases in Osteosarcoma Patients


Sterically stabilized liposomes as a carrier for alpha-emitting radium and actinium radiumnuclides


CANCER RESEARCH 64, July 15, 2004

Collagenase Increases the Transcapillary Pressure Gradient and Improves the Uptake and Distribution of Monoclonal Antibodies in Human Osteosarcoma Xenografts


Cancer Res.-Davies et al., 2004

Radiation Improves the Distribution and Uptake of Liposomal Doxorubicin (Caelyx)

Download PDF document (Davies-Cancer-Res.2004.pdf)

On the current management of osteosarcoma


Radium revisited


Henriksen et al., 2002

Significant Antitumor Effect from Bone-seeking, Particle-emitting 223 Ra Demonstrated in an Experimental Skeletal Metastases Model 1

Gjermund Henriksen, Knut Breistøl, Øyvind S. Bruland, Øystein Fodstad, and Roy H. Larsen 2
Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Download PDF document

Targeting of Osseous Sites with -Emitting 223 Ra: Comparison with the -Emitter 89 Sr in Mice


Anderson et al. 2002

High-Dose Samarium-153 Ethylene Diamine Tetramethylene Phosphonate: Low Toxicity of Skeletal Irradiation in Patients With Osteosarcoma and Bone Metastases



Targeting the Skeleton and Cancer in Bone

Samarium treatment of osteosarcoma, osteoblastic bone metastases, and neoplastic disease in the bone marrow
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ECCO 12 poster


Statens strålevern, KVIST-gruppen: strålebehandling av skjelettmetastaser

PDF av Strålevernets rapport

AACR 2003

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