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Professor Øyvind S. Bruland

Professor Øyvind S. Bruland


Osteosarcoma Odyssey

During this symposium the current treatment of osteosarcoma was discussed among invited key opinion leaders. The purpose was to highlight the state of the art in oncological therapy and discuss ongoing research projects.
Click here to view my welcome remarks and here to view the Agenda & Scientific Programme.
Click here to view the back cover of the 136-pages Symposium Proceedings (ISBN 82-91929-02-5).
Click here to view the front cover (left) in larger format.

The evolution of osteosarcoma therapy has indeed been a difficult and challenging journey - an exciting adventure, ample with both disappointments and sprectacular rewards. We are still underway; the Odyssey must continue!

Below, I have posted selected chapters from the Proceedings that may be downloaded as pdf-documents by clicking on the respective titles.

Bruland & Pihl: The many faces of osteosarcoma
Norman Jaffe: Osteosarcoma: The beginning of the odyssey
Sæter & Bruland: High-grade osteosarcoma: The scope beyond the "classical" patient.

The COSS-experience was presented by Professor Stefan Bielack. He is currently Director, Department of Pediatrics, Olga Hospital, Stuttgart

Session 4: "Metastatic Osteosarcoma"

Abstracts from this session on the treatment of lung metastases from osteosacoma can be downloaded:

Click here to view the presentation by Ugo Pastorino.
He is currently with The National Cancer Institute in Milan (e.mail:

Click here for the Rizzoli-experience by Bacci et al.

Click here for The Norwegian Radium Hospital experience

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