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Professor Øyvind S. Bruland

Professor Øyvind S. Bruland


Our Institution has a long-standing interest in the analyses of the biological impact of tumor cells present in peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirates.

Web-link to the various projects and the Steering Committee:

We are particularly interested in two groups of patients:

1. Patients with primary bone sarcomas
2. Prostate cancer patients.

In the first group we have used a technique of immunomagnetic isolation.
This collaboration is with the Department of Tumorbiology.

In the latter cytokeratin staining by standard immuncytochemistry is used.

Bone sarcoma

Click here to view the recent publication in Clinical Cancer Research (pdf-file).

Prostate cancer

You may view the poster (click here) from
Fifth Int. Symposium on Minimal Residual Disease, San Francisco, September 2005

In February 2007 this clinical material was published in Int.J.Cancer:
Impact of disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow at diagnosis in patients with nonmetastatic prostate cancer treated by definitive radiotherapy (Paper in pdf format )

Contact person: Arne Berg MD
Research Fellow, Department Group of Clinical Medicine
University of Oslo
Telephone: 22 93 53 72
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